Voice Over
Andy Geller - The voice of ABC and so much more.
Everything VO - If you do voiceover, you NEED a copy of their V.O.R.G.
Don LaFontaine - The Grand Master of VO is gone, but his legend (and voice) lives on.
James Arnold Taylor - Check out his "60 Voices in 60 Seconds".
BSW - Great selection and prices on everything broadcast/recording related.
Mercenary Audio - Not cheap ... but, the best equipment available.  Fletcher knows it all!
Sweetwater - These guys know their stuff.
Just For Fun!
Caution: Caveman Cooking - Recipes so easy, even a ... well, you know!
Caveman Catching - Fishing tales (and more) of a modern Neanderthal.
Dianne Avery Photography - Beauty is in the eye of the photographer.
Unemployed Fishing Club - You don't have to be unemployed to join ... but, it helps!